John Carey – Seminarium

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2017-04-22 kl. 12:00 – 16:00
Gycklaren - Magic Center Halmstad
Ålderstigen 2
302 59 Halmstad
Gay Ljungberg
035-13 07 85

John Carey

John Carey - Seminarium
John Carey


John Carey har nått internationell uppmärksamhet för sin minimalistiska, strömlinjeformade approach till kortmagi och Close Up- magi. Han har publicerat 7 DVD-filmer and 2 inbundna böcker inkl hans senaste bok Minimalistica.

The Lecture

John’s nya lecture presenterar ett brett urval av starka och praktiska, kommersiella kortrutiner för Close Up. Inget av det som lärs ut är särskilt svårt, rent tekniskt, men har bevisats fungera i föreställningar för lekmän. Han lär bla ut:

• Sleightless Cull: This is John’s signature cull of a group of cards. Based purely on attitude rather than sleights, this is a true utility that can be applied to so many effects!

• YAFAP: A fun, interactive production of the Aces. This presentation actively involves a spectator in the proceedings and in the end makes them look as good as you!

• My Cards Are Your Cards: An updated version of the famous last trick of Doctor Jacob Daley. One simple bold gambit does almost everything. Powerful and engaging.

• Hot Stabber: John’s variation of the Classic Card Stab with an unexpected twist. Using a famous Hofzinser technique, it doesn’t get much more direct than this.

• Hofzinger Force: Elaborating on the Hofzinser technique, John goes into his finessed Hofzinser Force, which until recently has only been shared with just a few. He then elaborates with a piece called “Hands Off Divination” that is almost self-working, involving 3 spectators. Super simple and strong. Worth the price of admission alone.

• In addition to the above John will perform and teach his Dunbury Delusion, The Stop Trick, The Open and Closed Prediction, a small packet Slow Motion Triumph and (time permitting) several more! John will also go over his thoughts and philosophy behind these works (the Hows? and the Whys?). Pointers that can seriously improve the quality of your work.

Seminariet framförs på engelska.

Lördag 22 april 2017 kl 1300-1600 på Magic Center i Halmstad
Magic Center öppnar kl 1200 då en enkel lunch serveras och har öppet tills alla har handlat färdigt.
Pris: Seminariet kostar 200 kr (inkl lunch och fika)

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